Hello All

 I'm gonna be going to college pretty soon and other members will be working on their own things as well, so it seems that GATS are probably gonna take a little break. But don't be discouraged, unlike ABBA, our break will not last 30+ years, I promise it will only be a few months at most! Besides, we still have to go to Canada to reunite with our soul band, Bleating Hearts, which you all should check out:


GATS play this Sunday, August 26th
with The Yiffs, Manhattan Murder Mystery and Benny the Jet Rodriguez in San Pedro at Harolds Place. It's free and the drinks are cheap. This is The Yiffs first and only tour. I highly suggest you all come out to this.

It doesn't feel good to be home at all... I have no sense of purpose here and hate myself more and more everyday. I wish we were still touring!

Home SWEET Home
Tour was great but it sure does feel good to be home again.

The Vortex Room, San Francisco.
I think this picture explains it all. 

Seattle was cool.
I wish we could have spent more time there but it was nice while it lasted. After eating pizza and playing at Gallery 1412 we left the North at midnight and have been on our way to San Francisco. Still driving, almost there. We play at the Vortex room tonight. Super excited about that. 

Then we play in Santa Barbara on the 14th! COME out to the Biko Garage for the best night ever.

Olympia was amazing.
My first time and I think most of our first times to Olympia and it was da shit. They treated us like family and have berries growing in their front yards and really cool couches.

Cafe Frascatti

Hey Everybody!

   Gibbons and the Sluts played Cafe Frascatti yesterday afternoon. The band sounded good and made a few new fans. Check out some photos from the show on the photos tab.

Bakersfield has treated us well. We're up eating bagels, finding our lost things, and watching the Olympics. Next stop on the tour is Sacramento!

Gibbonsandthesluts.com is Here

Welcome to the site. After many hours of work I am happy to announce that Gibbons and the Sluts have their own domain. You can look through photos, watch videos, check out our upcoming and old shows, read about the band members, and find out how to contact us for shows and inquiries.

We'll be using this news feed to keep you posted about upcoming shows, albums and other stories. If you're signed up for the newsletter you'll be familiar with the content of our news. Anyway I am writing this from the back of our tour van. And we are headed over to play Jown's house in Bakersfield. See you at one of our shows.